I Find The

Image In The Wood

Face breaking through wood

And Extract It

Carvings of Gertis and Alida

Carvings of People

These people were neighbors I grew up around.

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Willow Bowl

Bowls and Spoons

I prefer the dimensions and feel of hand carved bowls and spoons over the those turned on a lathe.

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Mantles & Other Objects

Mantles & Other Objects

Some pieces of wood have scenes that need to be revealed. Others turn into familiar objects. Some yield surprises.

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Points of View

Just for Fun

Two expressions with each on a swivel show the many different moods they share.

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Explore My Passion

The art of sculpting a carving begins with an image that sits in the mind's eye. Everything else is just precise motor skills in the hands to craft the multiple dimensions of that view.

Here, I've visualized how I would approach the beginning of a carving. The red dots indicated different depths that I would drill out to help me gauge the amount of wood to remove as I start removing unneeded wood.