Some years ago I accidentally discovered wood carving. I had purchased some power carving tools in case I needed them for some larger projects, and I was determined to learn how to use them. 

Controlling the tool turned out not to be my problem. I quickly learned that while my sight was excellent, my powers of observation were poor; artistically I was practically blind. I could not carve what my mind could not see. I had to learn to see all over again, mostly with my hands.

I began to see details in familiar objects I had not seen before. In faces, I saw the relative dimensions of faces, the curves of spoons, the shadows and perspectives of objects, the depth of bowls. Without being blind, I still had not seen until I started looking more closely. I learned to trust my hands and feel of the wood.

Surprisingly, I developed a passion for carving faces. For fun, I liked the speed of carving bowls and spoons when I wasn't in the mood for the detail of faces.

Below, see a carousel of photographs of carvings of some of my favorite people.

Some of My Favorite People