My Thoughts About Wood Carving and Sculpture

Sculpture is More Than Craft

Wood sculpting is about cutting away wood to dimensions that are felt and measured in the mind. Carving removes wood until it feels right.

Carving crafts deal in precise measurements and the skilled use of tools.

Often there is overlap between the approaches. I try to use both when needed.

Both approaches require good tools.

Power Tools

Hand Tools

Drawing & Viewing Tools

Sharpening Tools

Carving Station

I have a workbench with a platform elevated on an adjustable slant. This enables me to stand straight while pushing a gouge with strength while holding back to prevent a slip. It can be exhausting. I also have a rotating support covered with a tool drawer liner to prevent slips.

I also have my tools mounted on a board to allow quick changes as my needs dictate.

My Typical Carving Process

About Me

I began wood carving when I was around 50 years old. I had no clue about any latent talents that I might have. I'm still learning 25 years later. I see projects of others and realize how much I have yet to master.

I have shown a few items for sale while others I have created I've either given away or sold. Occasionally, I will take on a consignment.

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