Mantles and Wall Hangings

Years ago I harvested a large, dying Butternut Walnut tree on my farm. I had it milled into slabs and large "chunks" for carving. I also harvested some Black Walnut pieces from other trees. These pieces of wood lent themselves to the making of mantles and various other objects.


Butternut Walnut Mantle

This mantle started as a branch of the Butternut tree. (The red top is a reflection from a nearby wall.) Note the deer hiding behind the leaves.

I donated it to a local charity event several years ago.


Rural Scene

From a scrapboard off the Butternut tree, I created a rural scene.


Cabin By The Fishing Hole

I made this wall hanging from a scrapboard of the Butternut tree. Note the men in the boat trying to land a big bass..

It was mounted on the living room wall of my parents' house while they were living.

Pricing Information

Details of the wall hanging are shown below:

left side

Wall Hangings and Things

Blackjack Oak

Blackjack Oak Leaf

Blackjack Oak leaf from a scrap Butternut board.

Hickory leaf

Hickory Leaflet

This is a lonesome Hickory leaf.

Maple leaf

Maple Leaf

This is the happy face of a maple leaf.

Post Oak Leaf

Post Oak Leaf

Who knew that a Post Oak tree had such unhappy, droopy faces?

Sweet Gum leaf

Sweet Gum Leaf

Bright and colorful in the fall, this Sweet Gum leaf has a happy outlook on life.

Sycamore leaf

Sycamore Leaf

This Sycamore leaf makes an angry, ugly face.

Tulip Poplar Leaf

Tulip Poplar Leaf

The face of a tulip poplar leaf looks like a small boy with a bad haircut.

Dark Side of The Moon

Dark of the Moon

The dark side of the moon is carved in Black Walnut

Deer in the Leaves

Deer in The Leaves

I tried to hide the buck deer behind leaves. It is carved in Black Walnut.

Scary Mask

Scary Mask

Carved mostly in the bark of the Butternut maple, this was a fun carving of a mask.

Wood Cutter Hands

Wood Cutter's Hands

I was inspired by a photograph of a poor woman's hands after chopping wood. An interior designer saw the carving and bought it from me for a good price and promptly sold it to an executive for twice that amount. His motto was "Chop, Chop."

Woman of Faith

Woman of Faith

I created this for a dear friend in Africa.

African Woman

African Woman

After visiting a friend in Africa, I created this carving in her memory.